Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous summer. I just had to reach out and talk about the upcoming Copper Mountain Guitar Town Fest that’s coming up in just a week or two.

A year ago I met man named Bob Burwell at a Nashville party I was working. He bought all my CDs before I even hit a note and asked me to play T Bone Shuffle by T Bone Walker ( which I just happened to know lick for lick). Well I guess he liked my stuff because he invited me to play this guitar festival at Copper Mountain, Colorado. Bob just happened to be Kenny Rodger’s manager and a big guitar fan. He also managed Steve Vai and John Jorgenson, who are bonafide guitar superstars. I am sure most of you are familiar with their work with Zappa, David Lee Roth, The Desert Rose Band, Elton John and The Hellcasters!

The Festival is called Guitar Town and I am going to be playing with Jorgenson’s Electric Band. Also they want me to do the workshop and then the all star jam. The jam will have Eric Johnson, Robin Ford, Sonny Landreth and the list goes on and on. This seems like a slightly smaller Crossroads festival, but the talent isn’t smaller. I can hardly believe it.

As soon as I return I will be playing a couple of cool Chicago shows in August. The Corsairs are at Fitzgerald’s Friday the 14th and the following night we are at Chef Shangri-La. I have always wanted to play Fitzgerald’s where we will be on the bill with Barb Clifford. Chef Shangri-La sounds like an early show but classy!

Unfortunately, The October Rockout in Vegas has been canceled. The Sabres and I were booked for it. I was looking forward to playing with The Hi-Q’s and Ruby Ann once more. Our new Sabres recording with Rhythm Bomb Records is getting great reviews and I am working on some Midwest shows everyone really wanted to play.

For those of you still interested in my lessons and are having a difficult time affording the last batch, I have been picked up by and they really know what they’re doing. They are an interactive teaching website and I am gaining a much wider audience. Please have a look!

That’s all for now. I have to practice for GUITAR TOWN!! OMG

NEWS - JUNE 2014

I hope the summer is going well. I have been embroiled in the sale of my Nashville house as well as moving which turned into a long drawn out debacle. But for all intents and purposes, I am in the Chicago area now.

The last month or so found me working in Music City quite a bit and even played Robert’s a couple of times. I also traveled to West Virginia and Missouri, then back to Nashville for sessions and dates. I also made a trip to Bonnaroo as a guest of Julian Koster of the Neutral Milk Hotel. Julian and I have a project in the works. I won’t say much accept that it will include Hawaiian and saw music.

I brought up-and-comer Matt Butcher with me to Bonnaroo. I recently attended and played his record release party at the Basement In Nashville. It was great to see the M.B. and the Schoolyard Band in front of a good audience The LP I produced The Kids are Gone is out and getting great reviews. This is rock n roll in more of the classic rock style that those English groups dominated in my youth. Matt is English. He is the real thing. He holds the Keys to the Kingdom.

I have already been asked to produce a couple more projects we will see what materializes.

I really wanted to leave myself open for Chicago so as my calendar clears a bit. I am doing a rockabilly gig there with my friends The Hi-Qs from Detroit whom I have played with in Chicago and Spain. I guess I am an official member now. We will be at Jr.’s Bar and Grill Saturday, June 28, also featuring The Devil Dogs with Al Simon.

I want to notify all my English friends I am on my way to the Lowestoft to perform with Johnny Powers and open his set for him July 5th at the Wildest Cats show. I am looking forward to hanging with the Teds and everyone. It is going to be a great show.

For all you guitar people I have extensive notes written up for all the YouTube guitar lessons. I am about to film a new set of lessons mid-July. But anyone who signs up now should get my lesson texts/notes which will be a great companion to what is already out there. Please keep an eye for them on my website. My moving has
put a great many things on the back burner but the lessons will continue.

One of the other things put slightly on hold was the live at Robert’s record. It is finished but during the move I found a great deal of unreleased material. I have enough for two albums. Some stuff is live and there are some great studio instrumentals. Some of it was from the Nashville Public Library series I did six years in a row. I really want to document these Nashville shows and I know a lot of people will want to hear it. So bear with me now that the house is sold. I can get back to business! I just have to redo the masters…again.

I am thrilled to have been asked to be an endorser of the new Supro Amps. My buddy Dave from Pigtronix has reissued these great vintage legends and wants me in the frontline. He’s now in cahoots with my pal Tom Jones from TV Jones of TV Jones Guitars and Pick Ups. I will be at summer NAMM mid-July as a guest of both these retro visionaries. Lord knows what they are dreaming up but in conjunction I orchestrated a Brazilbilly reunion at Robert’s to showcase these products. This will be July 18 and 19.

I should also mention that all the sound bites on the TV Jones website are mine. Hot pick ups and hot licks. Check them out:

A quick special thanks to Jeff Neville for the fantastic Chris Casello Telecaster. I have played it on several gigs and a session but I’m afraid to scratch it.

Stay tuned as a new chapter begins.





VLV, Nashville Boogie, Road Rockets Rumble, Rhythm Bomb Records

It’s Spring and I am writing you all from Phoenix, Az. preparing to head to Viva Las Vegas in a few days. The latest news is that underground Detroit instrumental rockers, The Sabres, have a new CD and it will be available by the time you receive this. I will be driving a rented car full of discs to be delivered to the Rhythm Bomb Records executive at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. All I can say about it is, this is probably the most fun I have ever had recording and you can hear it in the grooves. Singer and A&R rep Ruby Ann from the label asked us two months ago if we could get it done and delivered by the start of VLV, but the label is in Germany, the studio is in Detroit, I was in Chicago, the manufacturer is in Nashville and the release will be in Vegas. NO PROBLEM! Recorded in two days at The Tempermill in the Motor City with Rudy Varner and Loney Charles. We got a great record! Available at and

We are backing many Rhythm Bomb artists at VLV and doing our own set now that we are on the Rhythm Bomb roster. If you are lucky enough to attend check out Jai Malano, Llly Moe and Ricky Fabian. If you’re not, look them up. Their stuff is amazing. Also check out our surf set by the pool Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I will be back just in time to prepare for the first epic Nashville Boogie Festival Weekender May 1 and 2. I will be appearing with my CC Trio colleagues Jimmy Lester and Johnny d’Artenay and I am also backing the legendary Johnny Powers and Don Juan Maddox, and for the first time I will also back Larry Collins. It’s not too late to get tickets for this event.

I will be back in Nashville in early June to produce a record by Kent Rose who is a country artist I met in Chicago. He’s super talented with great tunes and a long career. I will be back at the Fry Pharmacy Studios. Don’t be surprised if I surface that week playing somewhere in Music City. After that I have more great festivals including the Road Rockets Rumble June 26th in Indianapolis with The Trio.

I have also been asked to play the Copper Mountain Guitar Festival in Colorado August 9th . I will be playing and jamming with John Jorgeson’s band. I also will be picking with Robin Ford, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and many others. I’d better practice!

Finally, we have some club dates around Chicago and Detroit with the Corsairs and The CC Trio, Including the Honky Tonk Grill and PJ’s Lager House. So check the website!

Have a great Spring!


Goodbye Nashville!

It is time to announce it: after ten years I am done with the Nashville Honky Tonks. March will be my last full month at Roberts and elsewhere in the bar world of Music City. I will still be playing guitar, just not five nights a week four hour shows with no breaks - that's an hour longer than Bruce Springsteen!

There are many reasons for this but mainly my wife and son moved to Chicago last year and now I am joining them. Family first.

So for those of you that want to see me before I leave Nashville, come down to Roberts in March on Tuesdays and Sundays to see the Chris Casello Trio and weekends with the great Brazilbilly. My last Sunday is March 30th. My last Tuesday at Roberts will have Marco DiMaggio playing half the night and we will make a party out of it. Marco is a mind blowing virtuoso guitarist from Italy and it’s a rare chance to see him. That's April 8th from 10pm. After that I will be making regular visits back to Nashville for sessions and cool projects and even the occasional show.

I learned a lot in Music City, made a lot of friends and had great and unbelievable experiences. The Broadway gigs opened up the world to me and without them I don’t think I would have toured Europe, played the Grand Ol’ Opry, met and played with so many of my heroes. I can also now play the fast fiddle breakdowns I once thought impossible. I can say to any musicians out there if you want to see what you’re made of try playing lower Broadway in Nashville!

So please keep an eye on my newsletters and the website for shows, lessons and news. I ain’t dead yet and I’m playing better than I ever have. I have a lot of great stuff coming up including travel dates and recording projects.

We will soon release that live Roberts CD and hopefully DVD! They’ll be great mementoes so watch out for them.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in Nashville!

Hope to see you in Chicago!


Chris Casello

“Stay true to the dreams of thy youth.” - Friedrich von Schiller


Its been another year in the life of a guitar player, mine. Frankly just the fact that I got to do it another year means that life is good. Looking back, as we feel we must do at the end of the year, I can say I certainly did some neat stuff, and I also got to hang with some incredible people.

I was fortunate enough to be in the studio quite a bit. Notably I did some producing. Check out the Jack White tribute album on Cleopatra. Yes I produced and arranged the Johnny Powers track. We did that at Fry pharmacy with my usual trio Jimmy Lester on drums and Johnny G on Bass.

I worked as a producer on several other projects that are still unfinished, but one is completed and slated for release in the spring: Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard band is classic rock like you haven’t heard in years. My childhood of listening to and playing rock in the seventies came flooding back in tsunamis. This English rocker really gets it and he writes songs reminiscent of Faces, Stones, T Rex and even the Stooges. We had so much fun and the sound is warm and analog as hell. We expect great things from Matt. This was engineered by our man Scott McEwen.

Scott McEwen also dragged his three track RCA machine in the back of a 79 Ford pick up to record our Sunday gig at Roberts in Nashville. Price Harrison from Feralette records and P3 amps filmed the gig in a mini rockumetary.
Its really honest and fun to watch (its on my youtube channel ). We have really tough sounding live record we will release shortly.

As usual I got to play with some of my heroes. I spent a day with James Burton at the Lincoln Center in NYC while on a rock roll revival show with Johnny Powers. I played again with Don Maddox this time with Marty Stuart at the Ryman auditorium. Connie Smith joined us for two songs!

I went to France for Good Rocking Tonight for the second year in row playing my own shows as well as with my good friend Johnny Powers. I also played Viva Las Vegas with The Sabres my Detroit based instrumental trio. We also supported Miss Ruby Ann and slayed them at Deke Dickerson’s Guitar Geek Festival.

I had the privilege of playing with Mark Collie again with my old friends Steve Latanation and Mark Robertson. I forgot how great he was. Amazing hit songwriter and performer. Meanwhile playing five nights a week at the Nashville clubs, mostly Roberts Western World.

I finally released something I always wanted to do on my Dyna-Electro label: Instrumental Dynamite. After the reaction to the Sabres in Spain I wanted to record some of my original surf stuff. We have an 11 song instro record that is selling quite well. Since intros are almost a third of my set I thought why not? Six originals and five favorites we have covered for years. Available at

The new ITUNES download are all my originals from the three Nashville albums including the new instrumentals.

A new music award has been created in Austin by Dale Watson and friends to honor those that keep the roots music torch burning. Ameripoltan Awards nominated me in the best musician category.Up against some of my favorites including Bill Kirchen.

The first Chris Casello System guitar instruction series is up on the internet getting a very positive response.

The end of the year leaves me writing this from Stuttgart Germany where I will be celebrating the new year with my Detroit colleagues Rudy Varner and Loney Charles followed by a Sabres performance as well.

Thanks to everyone for their support -big thanks to Mike and Liz Fitzsimmons who are teaching me how to function in this modern age of technology and shameless self promotion.


Hello and welcome to the new and improved Chris Casello website. First I thank you for visiting . I realize in the past I have not been very compliant to the ways of online communication, but thanks to the team changes are being made.

Some of the news is that we now have an iTunes link with my new Nashville Years album. This is a compilation of all the original music from my three Nashville albums released over the last 7 years. Not to mentioned over half of the still new Instrumental Dynamite material is available on that iTunes download. The record I did with Sue Moreno is also on iTunes ( Jungle Records 2012 ).

As for upcoming news and events we are now directly linked to the fan page of Facebook for the CC Trio. I will list weekly gigs there as well as other stuff. Regular shows will be listed on website but always check FB for last minute changes and updates.

Also I am now link directly to my Twitter feed so I have an instant blog and photos appearing on the website. A one stop for Instagram pics and news .

Please sign up for the news letter which will be going out shortly. This is for those who are truly interested in more detail about what I’m up to. It will be about guitars and gigs and all the stuff I’m into.

After years of request I have started filming online guitar instruction. Before I moved to Nashville I taught lessons in my home town of Ann Arbor Michigan for virtually all of the music stores. I dragged my cliental from Herb David’s to The Nalis’ and Oz Music from 1989 to 2003. I taught every style under the sun averaging over 50 students weekly.

I have begun filming and editing The Chris Casello System with my friend Price Harrison the genius behind our new film Live At Roberts Western World and P3 Amplifiers. The object of this system is to help intermediate and advanced players learn my styles and how I view the guitar. Over those years I had developed a great deal of systematic approaches to understanding ways of explaining my technique. I will also share my pet licks. These will be updated regularly on the site.

Lots of stuff coming up:
We are working on a new EPK available here. There is a new Live CD almost done (watch the film clip to see how we did it) and booking some shows on the road next year.
I am also in the planning stages of a Rockabilly festival shhh..very hush hush. Stay tuned!!